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Apostle Perry Paul Williams Jr.


The life of Perry Williams, Jr. began on October 5, 1943 as he made his arrival to his proud parents, Perry & Bonnie Pearl Williams, Sr. (for unto us a child is born; unto us a son is given). He was raised in the city of Geiger, AL. He developed a love that promoted his walk with God. He became a member of the renowned Friendly Four Singers, managed by his mother for twenty-eight years. He spent most of his elementary and high school years traveling the state of Alabama and Mississippi evangelizing and magnifying the name of Jesus. After graduating from North Sumter High School, he took his flight to Chicago, the big city with bright lights. He was willing to give up the right for the wrong in teaching men to be strong. He never stopped to ask the question, "Lord how long?'
He found and married Floria Newton (his good thing), a prayer warrior and sweet foundation of his life. During the experience of fatherhood, he did not stagger once at his responsibilities. Believing the words of his late mother, "God never put a mouth on this earth that he was not able to feed. In 1966 he became employed at Sears Roebuck & Co. for twenty-five years.
God anointed them to serve under the leadership of the late Rev. James Kelly and Elder Robert Mickey. He was ordained May 1, 1973 by the late Bishop Louis Henry Ford. Pastor Perry Williams served faithfully in every capacity that his gifts and talents allowed him to. He started his fellowship mission from house to house. Then he moved the ministry to 3710 W. 16th Street. Motivated by the Holy Spirit, seeing miracles of healing and deliverance that took place in the lives of people prompted the name, New Miracle Temple C.O.G.I.C.; following the King James Version of the bible and its fundamental Pentecostal tradition. Later, the church moved to 1255 S. Springfield where the membership out grew the building that prompted their next move to 5455 W. Division Street. From this ministry have been birthed four other ministries, I-C.A.R.E. Ministries, Next Level of Faith Christian Center International of Chicago, IL., Life Changing Ministries of Tulsa, OK., and Tabernacle of Praise of Selma, AL.
Through mind lifting, spirit-filled, body healing, and soul stirring revivals, The Better Way Hour Telecast and The Better Way Center for Better Living was established. During Pastor Williams forty two years in the ministry, it has reached beyond Illinois to Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Michigan, Missouri, Mississippi, New York, Oregon, and South Carolina. In 1993, Pastor Williams along with The Anointed Voices of New Miracle Temple released their first cd entitled, "Hold On" and the church moved to 3800 W. Iowa Street.
His life has been his testimony, fighting the good fight of faith. The church is known for its outreach ministry, annual community services, through street ministry, house to house fellowship, jail visits, neighborhood canvassing and open corners prayer meeting. He preaches victory and deliverance through the influential word of God. In 2002, Pastor Perry Williams, Jr., was appointed to the office of Bishop. In 2003, Bishop Perry Williams, Jr. Way was revealed (corner of Iowa Ave and Hamlin Ave). In 2007, Bishop Williams & Lady Floria received their Doctoral Degree in Theology from Grace Theological Seminary, Chicago, IL. Devoting his extra time and energy to building his ministry in which he shares with his wife, Evangelist Floria Williams. In 2014, Bishop Perry Williams Jr., was consecrated to the office of Apostle. In his teachings, he strongly accentuates marriage and the family. He has demonstrated this through his commitment to his wife of 50 years and dedication to his twelve beautiful and God-fearing children. All of whom are operating in various ministries. He is the father of many spiritual sons and daughters.


We honor the Man, His Mission, His Ministry, and His Mandate. The spirit of the Lord is truly upon Apostle Perry Paul Williams Jr.

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